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The bone chill and the gloom around Connecticut fades
as the spring creeps in and melts the ice on the lakes
As the grass begins to show and sheds light on the graves,
I remember my home and the memories I've made
First steps and first loves left behind,
my friends and the places where we used to hide
The river and the bridge at dusk,
when no one I knew really gave a fuck about anything

Before the real world swept us away,
forced us to sit idly inside all day
Before playing phone tag ever came to be,
before money and the future ever mattered to me
Before I knew how little time we had left,
because I never took the advice my father had
“My son, don’t force growing up too soon
‘cause you’ll never get back the all time you use”

But this is my home no matter how far I go
I know we don’t really talk much anymore
and I don’t visit you as much as I did before,
but If you remember me and those times that we had know this,
I would give anything just to go back to that
I would give anything just to go back to that


from Pale Blue Light, released January 4, 2014



all rights reserved


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Est. 2010 in a barn in Connecticut.

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