Nothing to Fear

from by Manners



Lately I’ve been contemplating the reason we’re all here
I cant seem to find a reason for why
a quick story telling exercise from paranoid people lost in time
could account for a thousand years of violent crimes
You can call me a cynic,
you can call me unwise,
you can tell me I’ll burn when I reach the other side.

As long as I’m able ill be living my life,
free of the revelation’s butchers knife,
free of fear of the fathers glare,
free of the aches in my knees from pulpits prayers.
I don’t need to be saved by anyone
The truth is lost on somebody like me

Give me back all the people I’ve lost,
take away all of the suffering that I saw,
return to me all of the bodies of the innocent.
Until then, ill never trust the infinite.
But for now I’m alone and I’m doing just fine,
all I see are the clouds when I look at the sky,
got all the meaning in my life that I need,
I’ll never need another being to help me succeed.
I don’t need your prayers, I don’t need your pity,
I don’t need to be saved,
Your world wasn’t meant for me


from Pale Blue Light, released January 4, 2014
Additional Vocals by Matt Lanners



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